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Originally Posted by RobinCH View Post
If you have trouble setting your brakes, use springs instead of fuel tube as a brake damper, so you get nicely progressive brake feel. You can use a cut up throttle spring or specific springs such as the ofna brake spring. Paint a line or several lines on your wheels and you'll be able to see exactly when they lock up and which axle locks up first. You can also use (if your radio has it) a brake jump to get half your braking when you simply tap the brake, I do this to jump over the brake play that lets the car roll freely and still get immediate braking (not yet locking up) just as soon as I touch the brake.

Check out these pics to see my brake setup: http://www.neobuggy.net/2014/06/28/u...in-frischkopf/
Hi Robin,

Brake jump, is this a specific function? Or is it brake expo dialled to Positive?

Thanks for sharing your tips.
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