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In all fairness to Torrence and HB/HPI, NO ONE told anyone to run out and buy this car, either via Pre-Release or early release. Furthermore, if your order hasn't been fulfilled, you haven't been charged (or at least you shouldn't be) and any vendor you "placed" your order with shouldn't be held liable, for things their suppliers don't even have control of. This is a new car and the manufacturer can only produce so many kits for the thousands upon thousands of customers who scooped up as many kits as they could along with as many parts as they could get a hold of.

Having experienced a horrid race weekend a couple of years ago when freakishly, I went through 5 front arms in 2 days, and then limping home with a fractured one (bad batch of Durango front arms for the 410) and a detached shock in the A-main, I personally make sure to horde enough parts for my cars to ensure I can get through even the worst weekend. I'm sure with the 413, this is the case and it depleted everyone's spare parts supply. Now they are trying to get all their vendors restocked with both kits and parts but are caught out by slow turn around from their suppliers and shipping processes. Associated did the best of all companies in this regard in that they waited until they had a bit more in the way of spares so their spare parts drought was brief. TLR took a little longer to replenish supply a couple years ago and other brands took as long as HB is now and eventually all was OK.

I fully understand how frustrating it can be to be waiting this long, but always rememberů patience pays off in the long run. I'm sure every last one of you who are upset and disappointed with not having your kits and parts as soon as you'd prefer will be completely satisfied once you get your stuff. This is a well engineered vehicle and everyone who has driven it has liked it quite a bit.

Have faith in Torrence and HB. They will come through for you.
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