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So I've been trying to get more weight over the rear axle to increase forward traction but despite running a shorty servo and moving the battery as far back as possible the best I could get was 38%/62%. A local Pro running a mid-motor B5m on my track has had good success with and recommended a 36% / 64% split. I would have had to add 90g directly over the rear axle to achieve this on my RB6!

Naive as I was, I didn't realise that I could reduce the wheelbase by moving all rear suspension / hub shims to the rear! Reducing the wheelbase by 4mm and removing another 8g of mass from the front with Titanium Ball-studs, some drilling and more titanium screws / aluminium nuts got me to 36.7%/63.3%.

Then by putting 21g of brass onto the rear bumper I was able to get to 36% / 64%.

Now just need to add some mass under the battery (at the CoG) to get up to minimum weight! Can't wait to try it out at the track!
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