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Originally Posted by Quantra View Post
Thanks Gridworks but I'm still a bit confused...

What is the difference between F and E blocks?

You said F blocks make the front of the car wider but E20, E25, E30 must also make the front of the car wider than using E15?

I guess I am struggling to see why there is a need for a different FF block when RR blocks can be used (at least up to a point, E15). Why can E blocks only be used on FF up to E15 then have to use F blocks? Perhaps they are the same as some F blocks just marked differently to make it easier to determine the settings?

I understand C blocks can be flipped to widen or narrow the car so I guess the error in the chart is that the narrow -> wide label for rear C blocks should be reversed to wide -> narrow. At least that way it makes sense to me xD

I guess I will have to live without a solid RF block if they don't fit, no worries =]
Obviously wider blocks would widen the car. E15 is roughly the same as F00, so if you want to make it wider with the E blocks, that is your choice.

I would imagine that the reasoning in your last sentence is probably accurate.
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