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Originally Posted by Dyingslow View Post
I could use a little help from the experts on this thread regarding wear on my rear outdrives.

I upgraded my diffs to metal gears and cross memebers along with the aluminum outdrives. Unfortunately my aluminum outdrives show a bunch of wear even with the pin cushions. I have nearly 20 batteries through these and was not expecting so much wear on the rear. The aluminum outdrives on the front show no wear. Right now I am running 0.5 million weight in the front and 1000 in the rear diffs.

Should I expect to see that much wear on the rear outdrive? Could I have avoided the wear by changing the pin cushions and if so how often should I change them?

FYI I double checked the rear axle and it seems straight so I do not think the wear is coming from a bent axle vibrating in the outdrive. Since the front doesn't have any noticable wear I assume it is related to the difference in oil weight and additional loads on the rear?
thats really bad wear for only 20 runs. You should check your pin cushions regularly as sometime they can split on impact. This looks like they have split without you noticing and you have ran it hence the damage.

As a contrast I have raced my 418 at least once a week (avg 4 races and practice) since the start of the year and I have no wear on my diff outdrives.

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