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Originally Posted by SLOWINSLOWOUT View Post
Think I am going to give the R12C3 a try this year. Really like my X12'14, and it has performed well for me, but I like different.

Few questions, does this car use standard size bearings? Or are they metric?

Also, in regards to tires, one of the reasons I want to try this car is the rear hub set-up. Seems to me that the hub off set would work well. However, I have found that I really like certain compound tires, specifically, purple or black for the front, and green or yellow in the rear. How do the Yokomo/CRT pre-mounted compare to the above, what would be the equivalent?

Uses standard sized bearings.

I just bought 140 USD worth of Yokomo CRT Premounts. I'm running CRT medium (magenta) front and rear. .

They work like a charm for stock racing. Just sauce them achieve the handling you desire.
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