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The toe in at suspension hinge pin has the role of controlling how the suspension works as well. In principle load transfer is controlled by the inboard toe because the rolling momentum around the hingepin is not the same along a hingepin with toe whereas it is the same if the hingepin is parallel. The difference in momentum along the pin dictates that rolling won't be determined by the values at either end but by some average (depending on other factors). This happens when coasting.

Under acceleration the result is less roll than with a parallel pin, and more roll under braking.

Antisquat has a contributing role here as well.

Of course, if you don't see any point in using this adjustment you can only use the hub to get the toe you want. From a stability on direction (straight tracking) point of view it is irrelevant whether toe is set inboard or outboard as long as is the right amount.

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