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Originally Posted by daleburr View Post
Yep, fantastic. Half a season down and no wear or other issues. I'm always a bit reluctant to put after-market parts on an Xray as it will usually be a downgrade given the quality of the kit parts. But this is one exception I'll make.

They were the only DCJs I couldn't find negative feedback on. I've snapped Xray ones myself, seen RSD pins snap (plus import duty into the UK), and read that the Spec-R ones develop lots of slop. So I took a punt and it worked out.
Damn, I looked for reviews on the Roche ECS, found nothing, also worried about lack of being able to find rebuild kits for them on their site, hence me buying the Arrowmax, parts are always there right on the Arrowmax site.

I would not touch the SpecR ones, seen them break even in stock classes, the Xray ones are a pain with retaining the pins and having to heat shrink them, and the pins seem to snap rather easy.
Saw some of the Arrowmax in the flesh before though, they looks well made, and I like the rebuild kits are easy to get and cheap.

May get some Roche ones though still, actually I'm tempted to get some 50s for the back end, someone said they were really good to use when running Mod.

Actually I did buy one Roche product anyway, their drive blades, a race friend said they were the best.
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