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Originally Posted by the incubus View Post
Not if you use Durango's Green Gear Grease Part # TDR390017

This stuff is amazing and it sticks to the gears like white on rice.
good to know....although i hate how regular greases etc gets poured into a smaller container and marked up 1000% like AE green slime (3-4$ for a little tube) which is just noleen sf-3 grease, good stuff yes, but you can buy a tub from noleen and have a life time supply for 8-10 bucks shipped !

white grease in RC is usually just lithium grease, found at local hardware stores for 5-10 bucks for a 300 gram tube.

you have to be a chemist to do different viscosity of silicone oil, so rc portions are probably the best way to go

servo i wish i gone with an xpert servo like alderboy's....i went with a 166oz/in savox...also .08 sec...i got a few savox and so far not had any trouble with them, even in my AE cars with no servo saver ... now if only the ESC industry would go 7.4v on thier BEC, even in 1/10 now that would be awesome.....not so much for increased tq, but speed

for those of you who dont like to grease the outdrive shafts, theres dry teflon, or dry molybdenum goes on wet, but when evaporated leaves a thin film that dirt does not stick to like it will on grease when it seeps out, but still result in less friction which equals longer run times, less heat etc etc...

anyone know what ae and losi use as their "black" grease...what is it, who makes it, where can i buy a tub of it ?
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