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Originally Posted by sickboy View Post
That's one more reason why you are awesome Ryan....
Thank you Bill

Originally Posted by Pulse_ View Post
I have to agree on this one

been in the hobby for a few years now and learnt so much based on Ryan Lutz setups, tips, vids, driving,... I don't know Ryan at all but what I can say is that he gives the impression of a person who is willing to share with everyone. I love this generosity and also his sense of detail. Just to give an example, look at this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucQCRcxL0Ps.. the level of precision in the instructions is great, he really provides the tools to learn and understand. Thanks Ryan! BTW my girlfriend just bought a Ryan Lutz v2 engine just because it's pink .. good news is it's also very good her last buggy was a DNX408 also and I'm now running a DESC210R

edit: sorry if no one cares it's a topic about a clutch but just wanted to thank Ryan too as I have the opportunity to do so
Thank you very much. If you guys have any questions on the engine feel free to ask away!

Originally Posted by benny2727 View Post
I did buy your clutch and the tool for it.
It was your post about the lutz revolution where I first sen you sold a clutch. the videos you made have been helpful since I am new to nitro and RCs
Yes, I knew the screen name and your e-mail from your order today seemed familiar. Your items went out today! In the future feel free to check out my website to see some of the other items I offer for the clutch (Teflon shoes, bearings, ext.) Thanks and let me know if I can be of any help! :-)
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