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Originally Posted by k_bojar View Post
hate to say this, but I don't know. it'll all depend on the layout - is it tight/technical or wide open/flowing - so there isn't a 'run this and you'll be good everywhere' pinion.

its not like running the M03, you have multiply options for gearing in the TCXX

that's why I said its better to ask the guys running there what they would advise as a good FDR (final drive ratio) to start with. the FDR is something that can be passed from one chassis to another, as long as you know the calculation:

spur gear/pinion gear * 1.95

to find the pinion you'd need, do this calculation:

spur gear * 1.95 / FDR -- that will tell you the number of teeth you need on your pinion

that way, for example, a xray driver can tell you they're running a FDR of 4.5 - so you just need a calculator (or app on your phone) to figure out what'll get you close to that
Thanks I understand thats it's not that easy for you to tell.
I just wanted something to start out with so i wouldn't burn my motor.
Something safe so temperature stays low.
but it's a tight/technical track.
I appreciate your input
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