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Originally Posted by chasingthepack View Post
id normally agree but the gm runs at 5.70 some team drivers quoted using 5.50 and the v10 feels very much like the gm,ie torque instead of rpm,5.50 was overgeared so went back 1 tooth to 5.70 and its got more punch out of the corners than a gm and a x20 that i ran against today,the x20 would start to catch up towards the end of the straight but my infield speed was faster and with better brakes than the other 2 and i posted the fastest lap,track was low to med grip due to pollen falling from the connifers,i had a dusty car after every run so getting a 14.7 on old tyres i used at the wlrc clubmans wasnt to bad with the track temps reaching 48c ,my fastest lap is a 14.2 at amcc
but that was on 28's when it was colder
we had a speed gun today and the x20 hits 51mph at the end of the straight im hitting 48/49 but over the line in the midfield i was hitting 36/37 where the x20 was hitting only 33/34

my motor was coming off at 80/85c
as you know it was a tad warm today so overall im pleased with it,well until matt q and some of the other fast drivers return and show me that ive got it all wrong,lol

i had the motor at the 30 mark (factory setting) boost 30 turbo 40 on an orion r10 pro 2/3 s 28/84
i was told my car had the fastest acceleration out of the three of us onto the straight,so it could be that the x20 was slightly over geared

now ive had a bit of time to think about it,i ran a 29t pinion in practice when i had 33degrees motor timing,if i had dropped back to the 30 mark it would have a touch more torque to top out at the end of the straight,so i might have another try with the 5.50

any info you can throw at this will be apreciated
I don't know anyone gearing as high as that. I have ran quite a few different motors over the last two, three years, I used roughly the same gearing on all of them
Luke Burr
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