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Originally Posted by theproffesor View Post
So from what im understanding there is not just remote possiblity of the novaks having timing, but now its being confirmed. Why is there no concern over this? How many people have done and are currently doing this. The HW is locked in no timing and there are no "boards" that give you timing or the option of it, and only fear and conjecture that a software uprgrade may allow it. I think a blind eye has been turned to Novak products due to their initial support of this class. If the GTB2 has the known ability to get upgraded, it should be in more danger of being dropped than the HW that just has rumor.
yes, there was a time when that update board was available. but it only worked with the x-drive version of the gtb2. and now it seems, its no longer available - and cannot even find info about the part on novak's site. so either it was a total bomb, or novak realized what they did damaged the integrity of the gtb2-series and dumped the part, dunno.

I know I asked about it before, right after it came out, and it was shotdown pretty much instantly because it changed the speedo from the gtb2 to (again, I believe) a havoc

so its not as much a blind eye as its a probably never going to be purchased option.
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