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Originally Posted by MantisWorx View Post
Because you never drive the car with an empty tank. Half tank is a compromise, the reason for balancing is to make it handle better on track, if its empty your not on track
Our local 'weigh-ins' in Utah were done with the 'competition norm' in mind and that was with 'empty tank'........where do you get the concept that you could 'weigh in' with any fuel at all in the tank ?? I found out that my favorite 'concrete lot venue that worked well with my my GQ GT tire' was well into the 'safe weight' by 100 grams' with the 'empty tank'. Every 'sanctioned event I've been to starting with the 'Ron Paris Memorial Events' have a 'fuel dump' before 'tech out'.......... Your buddy TerribleTy can confirm the procedure here.
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