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Originally Posted by Still Bill View Post

Sounds like a good assessment. So far, I have never needed to add shims or washers there on a 1/10th kingpin; but, it could be useful for certain setups.

What is the distance from the bottom of the steering block to the bottom of the groove for the c-clip on the kingpin? Is it about 0.600"? Are both distances equal?

Bill the distance is 0.622" to the bottom of the c-clip groove on both side. The kingpins seem to be screwed all the way in without forcing them any further. The shims that were added amount to about .06". Without the shims there is some free play in the suspension before the springs start to compress at all.

I was going to put the 1/12 kingpins on but I somehow managed to order 2 sets of .55 and no .50's. I also managed not to get any other 1/10 front springs because I saw nothing that indicated what was 1/12 and what was 1/10.

I've got to say, CRC has one of the worst websites for ordering from. Makes me reconsider having this car over an AE. And thats no joke.
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