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Originally Posted by SlowGuySam View Post
K Bojar
Actully 17.5 blinky is what I'm building this thing for. Seems that's the popular class at most places. VTA seemed interesting but the two tracks near me only get enough to run VTA during the big events. Not weekly like 17.5. So for now I will have a S2 with a speed passion club ESC and SP v3 17.5 brushless setup. Planning to use a 88 (64p) kimbro spur and 44 pinion for a FDR of 3.8 as a good medium setup for the indoor carpet track and Jackson's asphalt track.
Is the a multi shim pack out there I can buy so I don't have to look for each individual pack? Simple is better in my book.
be prepared to go lower on the FDR at Jackson the SP motors are nice, but they need a lot of gear - to me, they seem more torque-based then RPM-based. I was going to try their 21.5 at the ROAR nationals a couple of years for VTA, but with the 4.2 FDR limit, I was significantly slower then with my novak 21.5 with the same gearing. so that's just something to think about

there is a guy on ebay dogboneking ( that sells packs of shims for a decent price. downside, he's in hong kong, so shipping takes a little while. his still is really decent, I've bought a few packs of the shims and a few of his other things and haven't been disappointed
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