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Originally Posted by RC*PHREAK View Post
Yeah, yeah, we get it. He's your buddy. He can do no wrong. Meanwhile a guy he made a deal with isn't cool with his complete lack of communication and then canceling of the deal (by refunding without any explanation). It's ridiculous to suggest a buyer have to search around the site to try and find out why the seller backed out of a deal after funds had been transferred. I don't think I'd neg a seller for that, but apparently this guy would. Either way like is always said here, a little communication goes a long way.
He's not my buddy like that. I know OF him bc he works at my lhs, and I'm close to most people that work there, of course he's going to be in conversation.. However I don't stop in to chat with him specifically.

Dan is hardly my buddy, even if it was another member of the forum my views would have been different. If you care that much I'd be more than happy to elaborate more as to why I stood up for Dan.
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