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Originally Posted by Rick Hohwart View Post
Is this schedule correct?
Will it change according to demand?
Do you have an entry list?
Pre Worlds Pre Paid Entry List
Atushi Hara
Christopher Grainger
Dominick Apolaro
Mike Hanulec
Takayuki Kono
Victor Wilck
Jilles Groskamp
March Rheinhard
Satoshi Maezumi
Frederik Sudhoff
Andrew Hardman
Michael Haswell
Steven Mcnichols
Sean Cochran
Rick Howart
Kevin Hebert
Juho Levanen
Elliott Harper
David Ehbar
Anna Wysol
Kenji Hosoda
Cristian Tabushi
Bruno Tamassia

There are more factory drivers attending but have not prepaided
Martin Hudy
Alex Hagberg
Francesco Martini
Paul Lemiuex
Drew we all know Drew
Ronald Voker
Andy Moore
JJ Wang
Marc Fischer
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