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New version is now online! Here is a list of changes. This is a birthday release to celebrate the second birthday of TestLogger. Check out the new landing page at http://testlogger.info.

* Support for multiple date & time formats.
-- Select wanted format from settings.

* Cool new front page.
-- Based on Bootstrap

* Social stream improvements.
-- Run updates are more compact and only relevant information shown
-- Stream is sorted by time and date. Also comments are included

* Friend page now in three columns instead of one.

* "Zero lap" option when using Summary in New run

* Toolbar for Notepad

* Chart improvements
-- More horizontal lines
-- Annotation color changed to black

* Bug fixes
-- MyRCM import not bringing the time
-- If tires not set, then kilometers should be hidden
-- Changing date, time, track or car in New run clears all other fields

All questions and comments are appreciated You can also follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/testlogger. Check out the history and future plans from Facebook page.
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