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Originally posted by Potje
Hi Speedy,

There is a huge difference in different exhaust combinations.

It seems that these engines, both .12 & .21 react more to different exhaust combinations than the Nova engines we use to race.
Not sure though if this is an advantage for the club racer or not....? It does give you an extra tuning possibility and it is definitely worth a try. You don't have to buy all the exhaust yourself, maybe you can borrow one from a friend.

After the tests this are the best combinations for the .21.

We use usually the 2018 set (new number is 203039). This set gives a very good punch (maybe too much), but top speed is a little less and fuel consumption is high. The other set, we sell is the 2002 (203014). with this set you have an excellent fuel consumption and a good top speed, but less bottom

Hi Maarten,

i agree with you that the 2018 gives a very good punch as I saw a guy running this set with too much bottom, however not enough top speed. My powerpack comes with 2002 so i am bit concern about lacking of bottom. I would also try the Max and Nova 2006 to see the difference as well.

Don't understand why my local hobby shop supplied me the 2002 set and some only provide 2018 in the powerpack ??

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