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Originally Posted by DBM View Post
Thank you for your thoughts on the front diff vs spool Oldfart and mrjudd. I think I will try the front diff with 300k fluid. Wouldn't you know, tqrc is out of stock of 300k fluid. Being in Canada, every time I order, I pay $30-$50 in shipping, so I try to order everything from one vendor to reduce shipping costs. Looks like I'll be ordering from two different places again...doh!

Mrjudd, what radio are you using? I have been using a cheap Turnigy 3xs, but just ordered a Spektrum DX4S yesterday. I felt the cheap radio was creating some issues. I realize there is a love/hate thing for Spektrum, but I have a bunch of Spektrum receivers already, so I thought I'd stick with the brand.
For things like oil and non SpecR specific parts you can often find it at Great Hobbies, which is Canadian so shipping is more affordable and free over 100$ and at least for me the shipping had never taken more than 3 days!
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