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Ok, now adding the Bittydesign Nardo and PF Mazda6 GX

Both these have only been tested at my local outdoor asphalt track, medium size, medium grip.

The PF Mazda6 GX lacks some of the turn in I like compared with the LTC-R and Nazda 3.
It also felt a little twitchy out of the corners. It was drivable but not as nice to drive as I would like.
I have been told by someone who has tried it at another UK asphalt track (Costwold, which is larger, faster and more open) that it felt good there, but he also wasn't impressed with it at my track.
Sounds like it might be a very 'track specific' body
Will try it on carpet soon.

Bittydesign Nardo
This body felt very similar to the Nazda 3, perhaps slightly less aggressive than the LTC-R but was certainly quite stable.
Need to try it back to back with the LTC-R for a direct comparison.

Of, all my bodies so far, my favourites are the Montach Nazda 3 (which has good turn in outdoors and is slightly more aggressive than a Speed6 on carpet) and the Bittydesign Nardo which seems very good on asphalt so far.


P.S. Just remembered, there is a large discrepancy in the wing mounting positions for the Mazda6 GX. If you use the dimples on the body to line a wing up, the wing will stick out the back more on one side than the other.
THe raised sections of the body that the wing mounts to are not even at all. Measure when mounting, don't assume things are correct.

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