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Originally Posted by maddog9 View Post
Many will say you need a high c rating, the truth is you don't. I will be running the ecopower 4100 4s with 35c rating. 12 minute run time and only 54 bucks at amain. 2-2s will fit if you lay them on there sides with the bullets parallel to the chassis. I ran nanotech 5600s with a tq side bullet as the jumper wire.
True i used those same 4100 35c packs in e-buggy all last season with no issues.

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
35C is about the bottom and some batteries will damage an ESC if the C rating is too low, or can't hold what it claims. It's just like putting 87 octane in a car that calls for 91, chances are it will knock and eventually blow up.
I don't think it's as necessary in e-buggy as it is in some classes (ie; 4wd sct). The efficiency is much higher with 4s setups than 2s so you can get by with lesser batteries. Just like i stated above how i did for a whole season and i am still using the same esc with no problems.

Originally Posted by hacker07 View Post
The diff fluids are great and what we normally use. The shock oil is different than what we package here in the US and so we typically tell people to use our regular packaged shock oils.
What shock oils would you reccomend for a good overall starting point? I only have ae oils and i've heard they differ a bit in viscosity compared to losi oils. Thanks.
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