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Originally Posted by xrayracer1 View Post
I think you'll have more luck with the LRP .28
Man y'all both make great points! But I have an UPDATE!
Like a year and a half ago when the Kyosho Inferno GT2 Race Spec came out, I bought one brand new. I didn't keep it long and ended up selling it for an awesome amount of money. Well today when I went to the hobby shop I randomly ran into the guy who bought the car - turns out he drove it right after I left and I warned him it was fast (I had a LRP 28 on it actually) but you can't tell someone not to do something because you know. there going to do it. Anyways, I left and he cranked the car, drove it about 30 minutes steadily getting a bit more brave and more, steadily pushing that envelope. He ran the car into the tire of a freakin MINIVAN. So damage was it ripped the front right tire off and broke a couple of those plastic pieces as well as twisted the front dog bone. So today he told me this and said "I got the parts, I just haven't fixed it, you ever think you may wanna buy it back?" I obviously said F#@K yea! and gave him 120 for the chassis without the LRP, and the Aston Martin Vanquish licensed body (I told him I would kill him if he scratched that thing when I sold it, got it back and it was golden! haha). It was a great day. I sold the Force motors and now have 2 LRP motors, both 28s, so I guess that's going to have to go on till I can find a Nova. That's what I really want bad.
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