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BLUEBOY: As Danny mentioned the Millenium is known for false peaks but one thing i think that is the cause is that when the Millenium came out the intructions had delta peak settings for charging the Panosonic 3000s that required a much much lower delta peak setting to the Sanyo 300HVs that were not out at the that time. The 3000HV actually charge at the same rate as nicads do and many local racers charge them on older "NON-NIHM" chargers (once with not adjustable delta peak) Something we would never attempt with the flacky panosonics..

One more thing on the Millenium... A good clean power supply with 13v or more supply volts is very helpfull, a car battery is not good to use because your lucky if you get 12volts and with the 3000hv's peaking at higher volts the millenium needs good voltage.

I have been there and done that with the millenium...... the millenium pro seems to be doing much better, but a i use a T35 now
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