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Originally Posted by ksb51rl View Post
Better watch out for the biplanes. I see a King Kong with a keyboard above.
In case you hadn't noticed, the rules of the Traxxas Market Place state the following:
"Traxxas will in no way be responsible or liable in any form or fashion should a transaction in Market Place go bad. Please, do not ask any of the Mods/Marshals to get involved with your dealings."

You claim that he scammed a laptop computer from you. He could claim the same. In what way are we to know the truth? According to you, Traxxas marshals are idiots, a joke, and shills (what does this have to do with the topic?). And yet you want to give us power of judge, jury, and executioner over your sales, purchases and trades.
Is this only when it would benefit you? You should pick a side (other than your own.) Marshals have no choice but to be neutral. Think "Switzerland" except without the huge hidden bank accounts and the chocolate.
Let's visit the specific subject of the laptop computer now. This item is not even allowed to be traded for in that forum. Only Traxxas items or items accompanying a Traxxas vehicle or roller can be traded. If the trade was made elsewhere, then the complaining does not belong in the forum at all. I realize this is a provincial policy but it is the rule.
Another rule is that the traders feedback is to be between the parties to the transaction only. But a certain member decided to start spamming others threads and feedbacks with his own additions. Of course this braying was removed, but the original threads were not.
And gents, do not fall for the "I am doing this for the good of the community" line. Nothing here above or in the other forum suggests that this is anything other than a selfish means of getting revenge.

You absolutely were told that if you continued this behavior you would be gone. This is what we do when members go off like loose cannons on the forum.

I received the full extent of your profound (and profane) wisdom and philosophy in your last erudite PM. Well, that's 5 seconds of my life that I'll never get back. I suppose I'll have to posts reply here since you don't want to visit there.

"If you have no use for this forum and the only reason you come back is a personal vendetta against a member who you claimed wronged you, I suggest you exercise some of the self control you have so far exhibited a lack of and just stop visiting. From your actions here you are showing ample evidence that you do not respect anything but your own interests. Come back when you can behave yourself as well as the pre-teens do.
*Thanks for filling me in on the rules of traxxas, no one cares..

*He could claim the same? What exactly does that mean? Are you trying to say that I also stole a laptop from him? Dismissed as ill logic..

*The truth is in the fact that he's done it to other members on the traxxas forum, your best response to that is "don't involve the traxxas marshals in your personal doings"... Sounds like a really proactive forum to me..

*We live in America, not Switzerland, people are free to choose sides, have opinions and also express them in public domains without fear of harassment and chastising... That is, unless you're the one harassing and chastising..

*Didn't trade the laptop on your site so I don't care for your rules, just followed the perp's trail to find out hes on that site as well doing the same things.. Just tried to give the "marshals" a heads up but I can see their all busy wanking.. You know, I did however talk to one of your marshals who was honest with me and he said that most of the marshals there are stuck up twat bags on a power trip.. His words, not mine.

*If leaving feedback about a seller or buyer by someone else on a page that's open for all to read and leave feedback is wrong then maybe you should make it clear that opinions are not allowed on the traxxas site..

*Selfish means of getting revenge? Right, because warning everyone and exposing a crack head who's stealing from people, who's done it multiple times is somehow a selfish vendetta that I have!? Nice try, why don't you take some time to browse the RCTech feedback threads to see what feedback and resolutions actually look like from a community that cares and looks out for each other, it must be boring looking at one response threads all day.. But I guess according to you, were all selfish and are just trying to get revenge. God forbid something is done about a thief.

*Lose cannons..... LOL... Your entire forum (traxxas) is comprised of lose cannons spewing mis-information, you wouldn't know what a lose cannon looks like if it created a fake name on your site and called itself "lose cannon"...

*I'm glad you got my last PM, it gives me great pleasure knowing that you know how a great majority of users on RCTech feel about traxxas and its forum. You're right, I don't want to visit traxxas forums either, its wasted more then just five seconds of my life.

*Again, I don't care to visit your putrid site, it disgusts me. How many times can you relabel the same POS and call it a new product? How long will you allow idiots to post useless and completely wrong information before people began calling it "the onion"..? Just curious, does traxxas actually develop anything anymore or is there just a department of clowns that come up with new names for old ideas? Traxxas has been irrelevant since the singing of the declaration..

*Sorry to have to give you my "not so much interested in your BS" side, it doesn't usually come out unless I find the need, like when shills come from other sites to attack me. I see you "wasted five seconds of your life" but you didn't actually learn anything. Go back and read the PM I sent you, it clearly states that you banning me from traxxas would actually be a favor for me. Gives me a reason to never visit that site again.

*Oh yeah, sorry but im fresh out of cookies..
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