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I tried to warn the mods there, but they are a joke, they may as well be employee shills. They won't boot anyone because they have probably a total of three active users.. It amuses me that traxxas tries so hard to be relevant that they are willing to forgo legitimate warnings about people on their forums who are stealing. Thanks for the heads up!

Also, I'm most likely gonna get banned from Traxxas... I know, booohooo right? After a user got ripped off again by that clown, I left my opinion on the thread the guy started crying about his situation. Needless to say, the mods were not thrilled at all seeing their dirty underwear out to dry, I laid it all out about how I notified almost every mod about that scumbag and about how they let him stay. They quickly erased my comments and wrote me a long email about how they understand that im upset, yada yada and so on and so forth and about how they still aren't going to do anything because they are shills.. Anyways, the one mod told me that if I as much as sneeze the wrong way once more, it'll be my last time. Anyways, long story short, I told him to stick it where the sun don't shine and that him banning me from ever having to visit their wretched site was a doing me a flavor and that he should find a new forum to troll, preferably one with any respect at all.. I can't express how good it made me feel..

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