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Default RC18t

Wow ,I love the truck will have me a personal one soon , Health i have a set of foams on the rpm wheels coming for mine MUHAHA
the silcone will be on and i will be out for Blood on the dirt oval this spring . I think i will put a late model body on mine from the flyin M. I have the reedy motors on order i hope there as good as the bajas. I will need it against that brushless sytem of yours are you going to run the sedan late model class?if so i will have it ready also..flyn M all the way

TPhalen:We run on a small dirt oval (bullring) what do you think would be the Motor ?battery combo for it (blue groove with silicone on foam tires ) AE all the way T3 still kicking but for 6 yrs.

You know your race car is old when proline discontiueds the body (gmc serria body LOL )

i have some Parts for sale
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