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Originally Posted by Josh-n-ya View Post
What exactly are you trying to achieve? What class are you running in and what motor are you using?
I run car is geared with a 98/50 spur/pinion combination...I purchased the flex motor mount and the pinion hit the new inside upright that supports the front of the motor plate and also attaches to the top deck. I did not want to change to a smaller spur/pinion combo so I replaced the new upright with the stock one. I was advised that this could be a issue. So now I will put a smaller spur/pinion on so I can use the new support..

The you said whatever about 25.5 and 21.5 which had nothing to do with my issue. Then I said whatever I did in response.

My point about the 106 spur and reason for not wanting to use a smaller spur is because I am a firm believer that a larger spur is better for overall performance. Acceleration, braking, corner speed. For example. .and these are just made up numbers. ..

If you running a 3.6 gear ratio with a 98/50. Your car will perform better then running a 3.6 gear ratio with a 92 /43.

Once again pinion size was made up. Don't correct me.
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