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Originally Posted by racer robert View Post
I have the Tamiya RM01 that also comes with scale wheels and very nicely detailed bodies. Only have one chassis but all three available bodies: Tom's Toyota, Newman Porsche and the Mazda that I added head lights and tail lights to. Even with the heavy realistic bodies, large sidewall tires and a 17.5 brushless they are a lot of fun to drive and still within 0.5 seconds/lap of the serious 12th scale racers.

I have even raced it with the stock 12th scale class on occasion. I would be happy to do so more often if there where other scale appearing LM cars. I know that Doug and Tom D. have expressed interest in these type of cars as well.

In the mean time there is no reason we cant just run them in stock 12th scale class with 17.5 BL motors and 1 cell batteries like I have done in the past. Technically there is nothing about them that is against the rules. And as good as they are on carpet they work even better on asphalt with the huge tires and flexy chassis!

Cool deal Robert. I had Ray place an order for one for me yesterday. If it doesn't get here Friday, I will probably get it next week. I was thinking of doing my testing with 2-cell LiPo and probably 21.5 in the beginning. Since this chassis gives you that option, kind of wanted to distinguish it slightly from Lola-body 12th scale. This chassis gives the option of using spare ESCs and batteries that some may already have without having to get booster modules and 1-cell packs. Just an idea...................
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