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Thumbs down Death of Sirio S24T

Dear David Larry.........could you please spare a moment of your time from your 'whirlwind promotion of Picco Motors' after your 'Sportsman win' at the Pan America win to answer a question ????????

You have not answered my question directed to you as 'director of competition of ROAR'.................let us all 'BOW' at this moment; as to why the Sirio S24T that is the motor that comes with the Kyosho GT "pro" kit has been "KILLED" from use in the new................'LOOOOOONG overdue rules' ? Other than the FACT that you are 'KNEE DEEP' in the questionable promotion of the PICCO Brand of engines, I see no reason that the IGT8/GT8 that contains other owners of the beautiful Sirio S24T that came in their Kyosho "PRO KIT" should be excluded.

You hold a position of responsibility, an answer is due.

Only meant in the kindest of terms............but your rear bumper is on my RADAR !!!!!

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