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Originally Posted by kwkride View Post
This sounds great Jason! I've got an extra 21.5 motor too that I would loan out.

Mini really is the fun class in Omaha! None of the serious racers run Mini here!
Keep talking about how much fun it is, and the serious racers will be back.

Once I get this ROAR Nats bug behind me, can I play with you guys again?

What happened to the days when we had a lot more minis?

I would LOVE to see those days come back. FWD Mini is the best class for bumper to bumper racing for fun. Better than VTA. You can rub a LOT in a FWD chassis. Especially when we had yellow flags. Even when I was serious I loved it. I new as soon as the leader was about the lap the pack - Yellow!

It was kinda fun to sandbag until the first yellow too.....
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