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I'm totally Okay with the ringers running in the spec classes, especially if they are actively helping the scrubs.

We had nearly no (or none) turnout for mini or VTA or spec slash before I started running then AND evangelizing for the classes. Which is a shame, because they are IMO the most fun of the classes my local track offers. IMO, part of the reason is they both run on treaded tires. Another reason is they look like real cars. Another is a tight set of rules that keep people from dialing themselves out with "hot trick parts of the week" and focus on making sure the servo saver is operating correctly and the tires are right.

A local former full factory guy I know (who just barely missed the A in 2w and 4w at the Vassa worlds) told me that "spec slash is the best class (at his local class) because nobody takes it that seriously". I feel the same way about Mini and VTA, and try to treat them accordingly.

Don't get all serious and wreck all the fun!
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