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Originally Posted by howardcano View Post
Are we referring to anybody I know?

I don't hide the fact that I'm sandbagging; I tell people that I am. I try to adjust the car so it can't turn the fastest lap in any heat, then drive as best I can. I want to race with somebody-- anybody.

I also don't hide the fact that I'm much slower than I was when I was younger. Plus, I'm no longer serious about racing!

Although it's not the subject of this thread, maybe we should start a Breakout class in Omaha. PM me if you are interested.
Howard, you are the best example of sandbagging for all the right reasons!

I just think its sad that racers of the caliber we see in this class, often feel like they can't afford to compete in other classes. It's the age old challenge to any spec class. Everyone wants to race it because it is affordable, fun, and has good racing. Then everyone wants to win.....

I've always raced it at TCS because I don't have any other kind of Tamiya car and it is the perfect class for my son. And it is a blast to run with the ringers that come out!

The only down side, having all us relatively fast guys running the class discourages the people for which this is an excellent stepping stone into competitive racing.

Howard, stop calling yourself slow..... You've been top three too many times to claim that!
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