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Here is the biggest problem about this motor debate IMHO.

For probably 75 percent of the racers in this class (on a club level), it doesn't make any difference whatsover. And those of us getting so hung up on it are doing a disservice to those reading these posts and assuming the reason why they are getting beat at their track has anything to do with the couple tenths here and there that we are debating.

With the exception of some of the really competitive TCS races, I would say MOST of the cars I see are giving up a entire second to setup and driving line. What is sad, these are often the guys getting so bent about motor rules when they get dominated by someone that has it figured out.

So, if you are a second behind pace - don't get depressed about the motor you don't own. Keep those tires clean and prepped, super glue the sidewalls where needed, and get that damn servo saver fixed so you can keep the thing straight on the back stretch...

Almost every time I try to help someone struggling, I can't even drive their car...

And it almost always comes down to servo linkage and super glue....

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