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hey yall and whats up speedo we have talked on enyway to busyness
i got a xxxs recently and i use to have a yok i dono which is better and i also wanted to know about

i was thinkin about gettin the new yok over the summer but when is it commin out and is there "realy" ganna b eny "real" improvement in performance cuz i dought it could change very much but it does look rad i want to have an xxxs and a yok i like those to cars the best, i kinda think the yok is better in a scence bcuz it is more ajustable ya know? respond later

this is (cs) Crzy][ako;:"eeko signin off

if you race at so cal talk to me on my AIM s/n is> mats8ergt and you can contact me at [email protected] if you have seen a guy name bumpity bump dats me im out peace <<<< hahah im such a kidder later
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