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if you move the shocks out on the tower, it makes the spring 'harder', your creating more leverage as you go out on the shock tower. Someone did a great test while back, comparing spring rates as mounting on the shock tower went in and out. For example, at middle hole, with 20lbs spring, it's creating 20lbs leverage, move out one hole, and it creats 22lbs of leverage. All with same spring. So if you move out on the shock tower, you'll get less turn-in, since it's stiffer. So depending on the spring, if you went up 3lbs, but down in one hole, you might end up with same net result. (hope that made sense)

Carl, I'm running narrower toe blocks, then using spacers at the axles, 2 reasons for doing this. Using B/A in front, X/C in rear

1. Narrow the pivot point of the suspension. I feel car just reacts side to side better with narrowed inner mounts. Movement of fulcrum point on lower suspension (another whole can of worms)

2. Able to adjust track (width) of front and rear. It allows to run front wider, or rear wider/narrower, just by adding and removing spacers. Also, with 1.5mm worth of shims on the axles, it pushes the wheels out further from hub, allowing more tire turn in front with out rubbing the shocks, and able to run rear sway bar with out rubbing the mounts. I'm guessing 6mm hex does the same thing, but it doesn't allow for track adjustments.

Far as rim/hex issues, I'm using Parma foam/wheels, and hex on these things are deep, so no issues there.
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