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Originally posted by Carl Giordano
Some guys run the narrower blocks and then add the red or blue Tamiya wheel spacers to get back to 189-190mm. Makes no sense as now you have less of the rim resting on the alum wheel hex.
Which is the whole reason I run the 6mm silver wheel hexes. I always run rubber tyres, and a number of times with the std hexes and spacers, I had problems with wheels slipping and chewing up the internal hex. So I now run the 6mm hexes, and have fully supported wheels.
I'm gonna try on thursday night reducing the rear width of the car, as well as playing with front shock position, which leads neatly into my next Q...
If I move the shocks out one hole on the tower (say, from hole 3 to 4), this effectively gives sharper turn-in, but with slightly less mid-turn grip? whereas if i were to move it in one (from 3 to 2) it would give more mid turn, but slower initial turn in?

So what would happen if I were to run the holes in one, but with a stiffer spring?
ARRGH shock positions have never been a strong point of mine....

thanks in advance
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