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Originally Posted by josecarlo1129 View Post
Hi Oleg and all.
I would just like to ask if I were to use the asymmetric mode, do I need to set the set screw m3x4 all the way until I feel it locks or just half way through?
2nd, Regarding the shimming on AM26 to make the roll-center pretty much lower, can you provide a tip on proper shimming? I have this setting on mine (picture attached). Did I achieve what you're suggesting on your previous comment, Oleg?

I am racing on asphalt here and I think that asymmetric mode fits better + much lower roll center. It is stable and consistent but I want to push further. I'll post a feedback once I'm done testing this new set-up
Here's the track here just right beside the Formula 1 race track (Bahrain Grand Prix).

Thanks in advance. Cheers.
1. You should screw SS3X4 full way till moderate tension.

2. AM26 were designed for rear suspension only. And it was designed for increasing of camber gain but not for lowering of the roll center. Our team drivers didn't have the experience of using AM26 on the front suspension.
So your feedback for this will be very interesting for me.
Usually the front suspension doesn't need so big camber gain as AM26 can provide. This is due to the proper front caster provides a lot of desirable "camber gain" for the turned front wheels.
You can find the setups with AM26 on http://www.petitrc.com/reglages/awes...matixA700.html
Please see Viljami Kutvonen carpet setups 19-20.01.2013 and 27.01.2013

To get the maximum possible camber gain with AM26 you have to use AM06S and lower inner AT21S with 0 shims.
With so increased camber gain you can reduce the initial camber to 0,5-1 deg and get the increasing of the initial tire contact patch.
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