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Originally Posted by Ziggo View Post
I'm running two SpecR-R1's in our VTA and Stock touring classes at my local club races. I retired my older SpecR-S1 and it is now my spare parts car. Because of this I have an extra gear diff to use as I wish. We race on a large carpet track with crazy amounts of grip. Both cars have a spool up front for now and I have been pretty happy with them. So my question is which car would benefit the most (if any) by switching the front spool to a gear diff?
Originally Posted by snoopyrc View Post
I would put it in the VTA car as that little bit of give can translate to some corner speed where as the TC can power better out of the turn with the spool. Just my$.02.
I agree. Running too tight a diff on the front of the VTA car just scrubs away horsepower in the turns. I usually make up a bunch of time in sweepers versus a car with a spool.

The TC has enough power to spin up the inside front coming out of a tight corner, so it can make use of a tighter front diff.
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