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Thanks Crashby! I will take a look at that.
Originally posted by Crashby
Hey, Boomer!!

Welcome to the ranks of 1/12th!! Running for eight minutes is what it's all about although, I am not quite sure how they will like that transition from the banking to the infield there at SoCal.

About your traction rolling. Traction rolling starts with the front wheel catching an edge and is usually a phenomenon of carpet racing but will happen on asphalt tracks that have been sprayed a lot. Make sure that the edges on your front tires are rounded properly. Also check that the steering blocks do not have excessive wobble in them meaning that they are worn out. The right side may be worse than the left. You may also want to change to a stiffer front spring and more camber and caster. I keep adding camber until the tires wear flat. No coning. And probably the most important thing is ride height. You should be at 3.5 mm in the front and 3 mm in the rear measured at the rear pod. The lower you can run the car without scraping the outside edges of the chassis, the better. But that will make the "dip" at SoCal tricky.

Good luck!
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