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Default - Social data collecting and analyzing tool

During my spare time I have created a social datalogging and analyzing tool called TestLogger. It's alternative for notepad, excel or what ever you have used before. It doesn't try do the job on the track, but it helps you to make your job more efficiently outside the track.

You can find the service from and it's a web based service. It's free for everyone. Remember that the tool is not ready (Probably it never is) and therefore all feedback and requests are appreciated.

Main features
  • Store laptimes, setup, conditions and your feelings about the run. Weather conditions are fetched automatically (outdoor tracks) and laptimes can be imported from Mylaps Practice.
  • Every setup change is under version control and you can go back to any setup change you have ever made.
  • Utilize tables, charts, statistics and comparison functionality to analyze data and improve your performance.
  • Collect your written analyzes to notepad.
  • Tag runs, sessions and notes to easily find the relevant information in the future.
  • You think you have a problem with car or you found a perfect set up? Share it with your friends and discuss it. Have public discussion on the Testlogger feed. Utilize private messages to discuss about secret setups with your team.
  • Use the search to find what happened last time on the same track.
  • It’s free!

And how it all works?

Entering data
  • After first login the wizard will get you started...
  • One run at the track is the centre of Testlogger
  • You need to have track and car created before you can enter a new run
  • Setup and tire set are optional, but I would say very useful information
  • Session is group of runs for one day with one car on one track.
  • Only way to import run lap times is Mylaps Practice. If you don’t have Mylaps practice then you need enter run summary or individual lap times manually.

Analyzing data
  • Session view is the place to analyze data from one day.
  • Statistics should give long term view about performance
  • Track view gives track specific statistics like track records
  • Compare functionality gives you option to compare e.g. your sessions from different days or session between you and your friends. Also you can compare setups.

So just go ahead and register if you think this would be useful tool. Just let me know if you have any questions, find any bugs or you would like to see some new features. I’ve been playing with the tool for almost three years so I’m very blind for possible problems and I’m happy to improve things. For example I’m interested to develop better functionality for teams. I would just need to know what would useful.

Documentation: -> It's a wiki, so it's improving all the time. Still has documentation from 1.0 but it's improving every day

Q: My car is not in the list. What should I do?
A: Send PM, email, facebook, twitter, this thread or Send feedback from testlogger

Q: My tire models are not in the list. What should I do?
A: See above

Q: How the public setup looks like?
A: Go ahead and check out this example

Q: My track not in the list. What should I do?
A: Create it by yourself

Q: Does it work with mobile
A: Yes, the site is using responsive web methods, so it's ok to use with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc. Native apps are planned, but no time for development at the moment.

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