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Originally Posted by bo duke View Post
ive just built a tc6.1 worlds kit and need some advice on electronics. im wondering what would be a good steering servo and esc/motor set up for me? the place were I race is a smaller carpet track with medium traction. I have two other touring cars that ive run on this track and the 1st car is a tc4 club kit with a duratrax element system in it and it has sooo much power that it spins way too easy and is hard to handle the other car ive tried was my son tc3 car with a 17t brushed motor set up and a streak esc and it was slow however more controllable. any advice other than give up on touring cars would be greatly appreciated. I would ask the other touring car guys at the track for advice however my son has no clue because he is only 8 and other other guy is always asking me for advice.
If you are just starting out in a racing level setup, a speed passion or hobby wing combo will be a good place to start. Their stuff is affordable and reliable with plenty of support here on rctech. What area are you racing? What classes are available at your local track? The most common class in the U.S. Is 17.5t no timing "blinky". It's reasonably fast but not crazy fast. Another spec class is VTA (vintage trans am). They usually run 25.5t motors. FYI the lower number of wire turns has more power output ie, less wire resistance = more power.
Hope this helps.
P.S. Take a look at the TC6 thread as you will get plenty of advice there.
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