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Originally Posted by Stefan-Hpi Uk View Post
Run what you are most comfortable with and prefer :-). I have often used 6 degree caster blocks in high traction conditions on open tracks as i preferred the smoother initial turn in then more mid corner steering. If you want to post your setup and some info on the track you race at I will happily try and provide an alternative change to try so you can run 4 degree caster blocks

Stefan C
Hi Stefan, "smoother initial turn in then more mid corner steering" is what I mean by my car is handling more consistently.
Before I changed to the 6 degree caster I have a little too much initial and lack of mid corner steering.

I think I will stick to the 6 degree caster for now.

Sorry, one more question.
Does increasing the from arm sweep, eg. from FF: 1.5 / FR: 1.0 to FF: 2.5 / FR: 1.0, increases the initial and mid corner steering or mid and exit or just mid?

Many thanks!
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