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Originally Posted by swimbikerun View Post
I recieved a few questions on the parts compatibility and differences between the original BD7 and the 2014 edition. I ended up getting the normal blue edition to match my electronics. Here's what I noticed:

1. 2014 includes all graphite suspension parts vs. the plastic of the original release.
2. 2014 has new chassis and top deck due to new motor mount. The top deck of the 2014 has the motor screw forward so if you use the previous version you will not be able to use the motor mount screw hole. Probably not an issue if you use the high traction option top deck since you would want more flex in the rear anyways.
3. Besides the new floating lay shaft the wide opening in the motor mount allows a ridiculous wide range of FDR for 17.5 racing! Using a 96 spur you can gear anywhere between 4.3ish down to 3.2ish! Also the motor screws are both on the bottom of the motor mount.
4. New shock cylinder, shock shaft, and shock cap and ends. The 2014 shock shaft is 2mm shorter but only on the threading. The 2014 includes the 3 hole 1.1 piston versus the 1.0. Also the shock caps and end seem to be the same but not sure why the new part number (new material?). I had some of the nitride shaft from last year which I used and was able to get to the desired shock length just fine.
5. The aluminum suspension mounts (non-split) measure the same as the previous part numbers. The reason for the new part numbers are the new color. The 2014 blue matches the blue in the bulkheads. Recall original BD7 aluminum color was shinier and more like the Tamiya blue. Looking at the new releases it look like there are a few new width options (like the 43.9mm).
6. The stock 2014 kits include a plastic piece for a battery stop in the center and a plastic servo mount versus the aluminum piece in the original release. Not really a big deal since 99.5% of us get the floating servo mount anyways.
7. I'm confused on the new steering bell cranks. Other than matching the color of the aluminum and filling in the recess with material, I didn't see a difference in the measurements.

My only complaint in the build is that the shock parts and belt pulleys are black when the rest of the car is blue.
Thanks for the detailed comparison swimbikerun! I've been comparing the parts list between the BD7 and the 2014, and noticed that the spur gear carrier halves have the same part number, do these carry over?

Making my list of spares to order :-)
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