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Originally Posted by InspGadgt View Post
Reduce front droop a little if you can. Try a thicker ackerman shim.
Pardon my stupid question.. but this car has front droop? I honestly didn't think that was something that could be tuned. I measure the length the spring sticks out below the knuckle, per the instructions, and I think it's somewhere around 3mm. As for the ackerman, I'm also running the kit setup, but due to all the slop the aluminum rack has introduced, I'm thinking of switching to a direct steering setup (ball links directly on servo saver).

Originally Posted by liljohn1064 View Post
Metalnut, what caster and camber settings? If you have too much camber gain, you could be losing your contact patch on the front tires in higher speed corners. Check the scrub pattern on your tires. If they look more scrubbed on the inside edge, try reducing caster. If its off the inner edge, but not centered, take out a little camber. I try to get my wear pattern to the insde of center to the mold seam as close as possible. Once you have good contact, then change saucing.
The tires are definitely scrubbed less on the outer edge. I'm running the 10* aluminum caster setup and about 1* of camber. So you're saying try the 5* side to reduce camber gain? Then maybe reduce camber to 0*? The front Pit tires seem to have some camber already built into the profile.
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