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[QUOTE=kyoshoracer77;12839446]Hello P.W
I got yalls sway bar mounted on my sc10.2 and I can't get the front sway bar mounts tight enough without locking down the sway bar from moving freely, do I need to do a little trimming on the mounts or just run it tight and see if it frees up? The rear mounts are fine, nice an tight and free. In the front I used the 1.6mm bar and 1.2 in the rear. (To me it seems like the slot needs to be just a hair deeper or sand half of the nylon washer to get free movement??)[/Q

The 2 blue "slide nuts"(not sure what they are called) that go on the top plate have different size groves notched in them. You might just have to turn those 90deg and use the bigger notches. Hope that helps
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