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without changing the motors, changing the voltage will yield an change in current and overall power produced. much like the reference to 220 volt, a motor change is necessary to keep power similar. my comments were based on not remembering that the new proposed stock class would necessitate a change in motor. however, if we are comparing 7.2v/27t to 4.8v/19t i would agree that the intent is to match power.

perhaps i should digest these ideas, instead of skimming over them.

i do like the effeciency approach, but we then have to consider how much room we have for additional cells, and the impending extinction of all the existing 6cell chassis. and the idea the it takes more overall power to make a heavier object move at the same speed....tire wear... etc. it then seems like the gains in motor maintainance get overridden by the other detriments associated with the change. though, from what i've read, li-poly will allow high voltage at light weights.

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