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Originally Posted by Gary NJ View Post
You may want to pull the button off the motor when you get it and see how many ports it has. NR has offered that series of buggy motors for the last 5 years under various model names, and I have gotten a variety of ports (3,4 and 5) and differing cranks depending on the particular run. It seems like NR uses that engine as a place to build budget Frankenmotors using whatever surplus parts they are trying to get rid of....the A Main description is completely inaccurate and has been for years - they haven't made that 13mm, square bore/stroke, aluminum carb'ed version in years (wish they still did - I thought they were a great small track/low traction buggy motor...). All of them run real good, however, and the 086 pipe works good on all of them. (Budget tip: use a Dynamite hard anodized version of the 086, and available with out the buggy header, which you won't use anyway...perfect pipe, and indestructible - perfect for the 2wd ethos). If you want to be sure you're getting a 3 port NR, choose the Novarossi .21 P3XS Off Road 3-port Standard Engine - $179 before using a coupon at Absolute Hobbyz. Basically the 3 port version of the legendary NR P5...The Fusion 3 port would also be very good.

Personally, I'd stay away from the Chinese/Taiwanese 3 ports like the Losi, Dynamites, Ofnas etc. The carbs and bearings are nowhere near as good, and you pay so little more to get a genuine NR in this level of motors, that it just doesn't pay IMO. so Desotos description could be inaccurate also??...How the hell would a highly reputable co. like Novarossi advertise it as a 3 and it may be a 4 or 5?? now I may have a high dollar paperweight?? I'm rethinking all this spec never works out in the end...because even if we all run 3 only takes a smart guy with a Dremel and a modified sleeve...then whammo another open class.. guess we never discussed changing timing on the 3 ports...

you want cheap header/pipe?.. damn cheap
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