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Originally Posted by robk View Post
This doesn't look out of line... What was the bite like compared to your normal track? I would actually expect the car to steer pretty good, though it might be lazy in the 180s with that light of oil in the tube and the side spring.
I think a part of it was the issue I described a post or two ago, namely the steering rack running into the lower arm after the 185mm conversion. I increased my dual rate but it didn't do anything as the rack was hitting.

The test track was pretty new CRC carpet, very tight and technical, with lots of grip. Our usual track is slightly more worn out and much larger.

There still may be understeer, though, I'll find out tomorrow. I actually ran CRC 30K tube grease in the side damper before (with parallel links and stock springs), and it gave me a ton of rear grip, to the point of wearing out my sauce before the end of the race. Maybe I'll try the slightly stiffer springs if the car is failing to get into the corners quick enough. I'm still learning
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